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progression of a hatoful boyfriend newbie
stage 1: haha, a bird dating game? lol XD
stage 2: oh wow what? some of these birds are hot.
stage 3: what the fuck
stage 4: WHAT THE FUCK
stage 5: haha i'm okay they're just, just birds, ahahahaha, it's not like i've been crying for the past 3 days straight
stage 6: pigeon dating hell



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puts face in hands

here you go guys

wait a sec, friends: pluto is still not a planet, okay?

the articles people keep linking are about how three astronomers (two for pluto as a planet and one against) debated its status

and then an audience of random non-scientists were like “gee, I want pluto to be a planet again” (and I’d bet they voted more out of nostalgia than actually listening to the arguments)

the headlines are a sensationalist tactic to get people excited about it

all this means is that the debate might (emphasis on might) be reopened, and that pluto might have a chance at planetary status again

(plus one of the arguments comes off as sorta bogus to me - one of the debaters said “What is a planet is a culturally defined word that has changed over the ages. The IAU was foolhardy to try and define the word planet.” which sounds kinda like “how dare scientists try to define a word that is important to the way we understand the cosmos instead of just going with what people generally think about it”? idk, it just doesn’t sit well with me. it’s important to have scientific definitions for things like this, otherwise we’d still be calling the sun and moon planets. and I’m just… bothered.)


a good sigurd joke is rare and you’ll seldom find one well-done



i dont even remember the context for this but




Ever wanted to see a secretary bird make out with a lammergeier? Nah, me neither. 


Here are a couple of sample images from both FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Eden~ and FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Paradice Reguined~ or, as the cover puts it, “BL of the bird, by the bird, for the bird.”

I’m not going to scan either of them more than this, because the creators were nice enough to make them available for international buyers to purchase (here) and (here). (Oops, the first one is sold out.)

It’s mostly short cute stories with totally accurate depictions of birds; I can identify most of the species visually, and it’s weird shit like nightjars and gay penguins and swallows and burrowing owl x king vulture and kiwi x ostrich and all that sort of shit. A+ would buy again.



i am just very uncomfortable with the way i am perceived like there’s a disconnect between my actual identity and the identity ppl assume i have and it makes me uncomfortable and stressed out

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hey there

here is a great website that outlines a lot of ableist language that people still use today, as well as talks about WHY these words are ableist and gives alternative words to use.

please read this page and phase ableist language out of your daily conversations, it does make a difference.


basically if an insult revolves around someone’s level of intelligence theres a 99% chance its rooted in ableism and you shouldnt use it

despite feeling tired and drained and anxious, I’m actually not too bummed out about today because I got a chance to explore the library on campus a bit

and I found the (rather small) astronomy section! aka where I’ll be living for the next three months, haha

I nearly screamed because I found 1) a book on islamic astronomy and 2) another book on astronomy from a non-western focus

so not only did I find stuff related to my special interest, I found stuff about the very narrow Even More Important stuff within my special interest

I took both of them out and tomorrow I’ll be starting the first one, excitement abounds


7u7 :

My favorite genre is “starts out normal but then turns into really disturbing psychological horror”




do you want to make a contract and become a fairy type?



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